This Skills and Traits That Defines a Professional Makeup Artist

A makeup artist essentially works with the human body; the face is his or her canvas. As the term ‘artist’ implies, applying makeup is a form of art. Professional makeup artists make a living out of this; they are the best in the business. They are an essential part of the television, filmmaking, theater, fashion and modeling industries and are the people behind the exotic looks we see on stage or screen every day.
So, what are the qualities that differentiate a professional in this field from the rest? Read on to find out.


As with any artistic medium, creativity is the key in this field also. The professional in the field possesses creative imagination and strong visual sensibility. They understand the different traits and characteristics of a face and know the best way to impart the desired look on a particular face. They have heightened perception and visualization; it is required to perceive the desired look and implement the same on a particular face in the best possible manner.

Customer Oriented

The professional makeup artist has to interact with other professionals in the industry on a daily basis. They include models, photographers, actors, directors and other clients who have different requests as per the situation or need. The professional artist needs to understand their requirements and deliver accordingly clearly. Pertinent feedback is also expected that night enhance the makeover of the subject in question.

Attention to Details

The world of entertainment is a high-pressure industry; most schedules are time-bound here. A makeup artist is no exception; he has to deliver satisfactory results in the fastest possible time frame. This has to happen with meticulous attention to the details of the requirement. Any unforeseen impediment has to be solved on the spot with individual creativity and skill.


The process of achieving the desired look is time-consuming; so a professional makeup artist has to be diligent with appropriating his time to the projects in hand. He also has to take care of others’ time and waste minimum time in preparation for the job at hand. In the end, there should be ample time to improving his craft and stay up-to-date with newer techniques and ideas.

Impersonal Attitude

This is a trait expected in any successful professional; he or she should never take things personally. It is easier said than done, though; the important thing is to have fun on the job. It is a creative medium, after all!


As the professional makeover artist acquires experience in his craft, his portfolio is enriched. A professional degree or internship with an established person in the field will also enhance his portfolio. Keeping track of all the good work done in the past was also a trademark of the successful professional.

So, innate creativity, combined with hard work and passion for the job creates the right mix to be successful and be in demand as a makeover artist.