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How to Be Romantic

Romance is going out of your shell by expressing your innermost affection in a meaningful way. Finding romance and finding love are two separate entities, yet they are very much related to one another; therefore, how should one go in finding romance? Maybe because the spark of excitement is not yet there, so that finding the right romantic partner becomes a difficult journey.

Complete yourself by loving yourself

By knowing your innermost feelings, and not being confused about it, you’ll be able to know on whether you love yourself or abandoning yourself. Once you understand your feelings, move toward those feelings rather than away from them with various forms of abandonment, like staying focused in your head, judging yourself, or making someone else responsible for your feelings. It may be difficult at first, but when you initiate inviting your love into your heart, you consciously open the possibility of learning about loving yourself. Then try to explore your ego-wounded self, understanding the fear and false beliefs of yourself, which is negatively pointing to self-abandoning. If you feel heartbroken, lonely, or helpless over someone, find out within yourself and try to understand what is causing these painful feelings. The answers will just come in words or images or in dreams; when your heart is open to learning, the answers will come. Then take the loving action of allowing time to heal the shame, anxiety and depression, and overtime, loving yourself and connecting with yourself is the key to loving and connecting with others.

Go after your fate in life

When you have made that important decision to live the life that you want to live, you will become attracted to the right people who share your own views about life.

Looking for the fantasy partner

A lot of women, who are hopelessly romantic, dream of fantasizing an imaginative partner, whom they perceive as the perfect guy for them. As you continue to imagine a hypothetical partner, you also begin to behave into another personality in order to meet up with your imaginative partner, to which meeting others will create false hopes as you would like them to fit into your fantasy partner. The effect will allow you to wander away from reality and from the real path in your life.

Take action

In life, there will always be the right person who is destined to be your partner, because the laws of attraction is a natural phenomenon. Decide to act by going on dates, be on the social scene, go for group dating.

Get rid of your baggage

Get the load of your emotional baggage out of your system, so you can start fresh and begin to flourish with new hope in a new relationship. When you have discovered to love yourself, that emotional baggage should have been the first thing to leave from your heart.