Easing the Discomfort of Kitchen Work With an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Working in the kitchen can tire some people out rather quickly. Although an individual may not do any more work here than what typically occurs in other areas of the home, exhaustion seems to set in much quicker after standing around in the kitchen. This is largely due to the fact they are working on an extremely hard surface without moving around much. The impact that a ceramic tile or laminate floor has on the feet, joints, and back can quickly take a toll, especially if the person has nothing soft to stand on to alleviate the discomfort. Acquiring an anti-fatigue mat that covers the main prep or cleaning area of a kitchen is the perfect way to make cooking more enjoyable.

Anti-fatigue mats have long been associated with commercial use due to their plain and industrial appearance. Although they are commonly found in businesses and factories, companies like Sky Solutions are now offering these mats in varying colors and sizes for use in residential kitchens. No longer are choices limited to black or gray with the pressed steel pattern so commonly found in the workplace. Consumers can now opt for brown, khaki, blue, or red mats that have a very subtle braided motif to them. The new Sky Solutions info found online shows that the mats are also available in three different sizes. Customers can choose from a standard shaped rectangle, perfect for use in front of a kitchen sink, to a mat measuring almost six feet in length that can span the width of a kitchen island prep station. That amount of coverage can make quite a difference in comfort when working for extended periods of time. Additionally, these thick mats are manufactured with a beveled edge and ultra-grip backing for safety concerns. Tripping or slipping on one is uncommon due to the gradually sloping edges and firm friction with the floor.

Homeowners who utilize their kitchen to its full extent are typically concerned with the durability of such a product. Luckily, the commercial-grade quality of these anti-fatigue mats guarantees that the product will never over compress or break down. If either one of these factors does somehow occur, the kitchen mat carries a lifetime warranty that guarantees a full replacement. Customers can feel complete satisfaction in the fact that a purchase such as this will last for years to come and make their life considerably more comfortable.