About Effective Is Eyelid Surgery Or Blepharoplasty

The eye lift surgery does not eliminate dark circles under crow’s feet, eyes or any other facial wrinkles but all of it can be achieved if it is performed along with association with other procedures such as filler injections, laser resurfacing or forehead lifts.

The Eyelid Aging Process

With age, the skin starts losing its elasticity due to constant pulling, it starts causing excessive skin to collect around the lower and the upper eyelids. The excessive skin causes wrinkles and bulges on the lower eyelids whereas on the upper ones, an extra fold of skin keeps drooping over the eyelashes getting in the way of seeing.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

The ideal candidate for eye lift surgery are the people who have realistic expectations from the surgery and are in good health, mostly people are 35 years or older, but if one experiences early symptoms of droopy or baggy eyelids, one can decide to have the surgery performed earlier. By undergoing this surgery, it can enhance appearance and also to build confidence, however one must keep in mind that this surgery won’t be altering facial structure. It is very necessarily important to discuss the goals and expectations out from the surgery with surgeon to achieve the best possible results.

Will The Results Of Eyelid Surgery Be Permanent?

The surgery of upper lid will last about five to seven years and for lower lid surgery it rarely needs any repetitions. If after the procedure the eyes start aging, best way to enhance it again is by undergoing forehead lift.

How Should One Prepare For Eyelid Surgery?

One must arrange someone to drive the patient to home after surgery or best is if someone stays throughput the surgery with patient for the night of procedure. One must limit their normal daily activities for several days or weeks to rest and heal their eyelids completely before resuming back. Some patients might experience dry eyes but there is nothing to worry about since it hardly lasts more than one or two weeks, if it still continues one must seek doctor immediately.

What Is Recovery After The Surgery?

There will be stitches in both lids post operation remaining for a week where patient may experience certain amount of bruising or swelling. The normal look of the eyelid will be seen within a week or two.

The Possible Complications From Eyelid Surgery

There can be unwanted results and complications arising from this surgery which are rare, and they include the following:

* Infection
* Abnormal coloring of eyelids
* Bleeding
* Eyelid skin folding in or out abnormally
* Dry eyes
* A pulled-down lower lid
* Not able to close the eyes fully
* A possible loss of vision

If one is facing such above mentioned complications, they do should contact their surgeon as soon as possible.